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FL50 series aluminum alloy inner casement lower hanging window


Aluminum alloy doors & windows

Keywords: Aluminum alloy doors & windows


This product is a patented product developed by our company and can install 5+9(12) A+5mm thick insulating glass.It can be used as inner and lower hanging windows and outer casement windows. The cross-section width of the window frame and fan is the same. The frame and fan are designed with decorative lines, and the four corners of the pressure strip are inserted at an angle of 45°, which increases the appearance effect.


Corporate strength

The company has more than 50 technicians, middle and senior technical personnel, and more than 180 skilled operators.The workshop has 10 production lines of aluminum, wood, plastic doors, windows and hollow glass equipment, and more than 70 sets of main processing and testing equipment. It has precision intelligent door and window processing centers at home and abroad, automatic plastic steel welding and cleaning lines, automatic CNC corner forming machine lines, automatic glass cutting machines and hollow glass production lines.


Qualification certification

The company successively passed the certification of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system in 2000. It is the first door and window enterprise in Shandong Province to pass the AS2047 product certification of Australia and New Zealand, and successfully passed the U.S. NFRC certification in 2019. Now the door and window products have been exported to Australia, the Americas and Southeast Asian countries.


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