Why, many people don't know that the simple Nordic style can be decorated like this?

This case is a set of warm and comfortable whole wood customization. The solid wood home decoration is simple and Nordic style, the decoration is natural and elegant, and it has refreshing and bright colors. Living in it, you are enjoying life all the time.The owner loves green, so the designer has cleverly matched the colors.

Gray, white and wood colors are used to create a clean and neat visual effect, and green is used as an embellishment, as if to attract spring into the room, making the home more agile, so that the owner can remove the fatigue and return to the arms of home.The light gray background wall and green decorative paintings not only enrich the level, but also balance the weight of color.

The location of the dining table is just in the area between the kitchen and the living room, which saves space and does not hinder the aisle.With several dining chairs of different colors, it is natural and smart, making dining more comfortable.The extremely simple clock hangs on the low-saturation wall, which is simple and eye-catching.

The classic combination of gray, white, and wood colors in the master bedroom creates a lazy and casual comfortable space.There are two small chandeliers on the bedside table vertically, and the novel and beautiful design is also very practical!The villa is decorated in European style. There is a large floor-to-ceiling window outside the master bedroom of the whole house. The curtains are opened every day to start a good day in the warm sun.(Graphic invasion and deletion!)


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Years of experience tell you several ways to choose broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

When purchasing door and window materials, you need to see if they are warm, so that you can get used to various climates and bring a beautiful home life to your home.In addition, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows can be insulated and dirt-resistant. It usually only needs a little warmth to bring about a living experience.

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The one-click reporting function helps the traffic police to jointly maintain the safety of road traffic!

On July 28, 2019, the Shenzhen Traffic Police announced the adjustment of some award-winning reporting items, and the scope of award-winning reporting rewards was expanded, and all successful traffic violation reports were rewarded.Previously, Dingdepai had been invited to participate in the relevant meetings of the Shenzhen Traffic police department to report violations of regulations, and discussed in detail the details of follow-up adjustments and in-depth cooperation.

The decoration is also crazy, the style of the four walls of the family is beautiful and high-end~

No matter how wonderful a complex life is, in the end we all end in the most concise way, just because from the beginning of the baby to the end of life, the heart is still as pure as a child, in the capricious world we still adhere to the broken faith, in the most peaceful way to survive behind the scenes, but also longing for a simple life.Let us return to the simplest, simplest, and most perfect state.

The years are seamless, floating like a dream: home customization at the moment of dusk, occasional small literature and art floating away

Suddenly I remembered two poems: Zhu Fujing Dongxue, the court is fainting and the evening is gloomy.Few people came out of the country, sitting idly listening to the spring birds.Wait until February of the old calendar, when the spring breeze is first born, and the winter snow is first melting, take a lazy rest and wait for time. This is probably the scene.