In 2021, what new regulations have been introduced in the door and window industry?

Every household can't do without doors and windows, but now most people don't understand doors and windows, but few people are willing to pay attention to the role of doors and windows in building energy conservation.”Mr. Hao Jinping, President of the China Building Metal Structure Association and a representative of the National People's Congress, said during the two sessions.

With the hot discussions in the real estate, leasing market, and renovation of old houses, many deputies to the National People's Congress in the industry have focused on the door and window industries that are closely related to them.

In recent years, the country has also kept pace with the times and introduced a series of new regulations for doors and windows to meet the needs of different regions.In 2021, what new regulations have been introduced in the door and window industry?Let's take a look!

1. "Aluminum Alloy Doors and Windows" GB/T8478-2020

On March 31, 2020, the latest national standard for aluminum alloy doors and windows was released, replacing the current GB/T8478-2008 standard, and will be officially implemented from February 1, 2021.There are changes in the classification terms of doors and windows, the requirements of aluminum alloy materials used in doors and windows, and the requirements for the machining accuracy of doors and windows.

Compared with the original 2008 version of the minimum measured wall thickness regulations, the minimum measured wall thickness of the aluminum alloy material used for doors and windows for the outer door has been increased from 2.0mm to 2.07mm; the minimum measured wall thickness of the outer window has been increased from 1.4mm to 1.7mm.

2. "General Technical Conditions for System Doors and Windows" GB/T 39529-2020

The system doors and windows use self-declaration or third-party certification to confirm the material, structure, type, design rules, processing technology, installation technology, performance and maintenance requirements.The scope of allowable adjustment of materials and replacement rules are determined by similar principles, and they are determined in the form of documents. When these rules are not met, they do not belong to the system doors and windows.The standard was released on December 14, 2020 and will be implemented on November 1, 2021.

3. Beijing Local standard "Energy-saving Design Standard for Residential Buildings"

From January 1, 2021, according to the new standards, the energy-saving requirements for building exterior walls and building roofing will be greatly increased, including the heat transfer coefficient of the entire window of building doors and windows will be increased to 1.1W/(㎡·K).Products that do not meet the new standards will not be able to enter Beijing.The energy-saving standards of southern provinces and cities such as Shanghai are currently not higher than 1.8W/(㎡·K).

4. National standards for building curtain wall series

"Method for Detecting the Firmness of Glass Curtain Wall Panels" GB/T 39525-2020 proposes a method for evaluating the firmness through the vibration frequency of glass panels, which provides a new evaluation method for the safety of glass curtain wall panels.The standard will be implemented from November 1, 2021.

"Classification and Testing Methods of Air Sound Insulation Performance of Building Curtain Walls" GB/T 39526-2020 proposes experimental facilities and testing methods for the lateral sound transmission and sound insulation performance of building curtain walls, which are of great significance for scientific and accurate evaluation of the sound insulation performance of building curtain walls.The standard will be implemented from November 1, 2021.

"Method for Detecting Seismic Shedding of Building Curtain Wall Panels" GB/T 39528-2020 proposes to simulate the inter-layer deformation of the main structure under seismic load through a dynamic loading device, and to detect the ability of curtain wall specimen panels and accessories to resist damage and shedding.The standard will be implemented from November 1, 2021.

"Test Method for Weather Resistance of Building Doors and Windows" GB/T 39524-2020 refers to relevant domestic and foreign standards, and proposes a test method for the performance changes of doors and windows under the repeated action of temperature, humidity, water, light and other factors.The standard will be implemented from November 1, 2021.

Although the norms of the door and window industry are becoming more and more perfect, the phenomenon of small scattered and homogenized competition in the market is still very serious.The improvement of industry standards will help the overall reshuffle of the industry and promote standardized competition in the industry.


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