How to create a postmodern style full of light luxury and exquisite

The postmodern decoration style is a combination of sensibility and rationality, mass and personality, traditional and modern home improvement design, and it is also a well-loved home improvement style for modern people.

Postmodern decoration style is a more popular style, pursuing fashion and trend, paying attention to the perfect combination of the layout of the living room space and the use of functions, postmodern style is a kind of design trend and concept that formally corrects the modern style.


The overall space is within the basic framework of simplicity. The designer cleverly implanted a little sense of industry, presenting modern aesthetics in terms of tone, material, and decoration, giving the space a simple and exquisite mood of tranquility. Between more and less, black and white, it interprets the different states of life in life.

入门Entrance entrance

The white walls, white furniture and sofas make the living room look particularly simple and open.No need for gorgeous decoration, no need for expensive furniture, the sense of brightness brought about by simple color matching will sweep away the rigor of the entire living room.

The black, white and gray postmodern minimalist style living room is a very popular design collocation at the moment. The color tones of white or gray make the living room appear calm and fashionable.

The minimalist black and white create elegance while also having a sense of modern design.Black can be combined with non-colored white, gray, and any color with colored lines to create a variety of different color moods.


PART 2: Restaurant

Open kitchen

The modern style furniture of the cooking space is restrained and noble and exquisite.The colors and styles of floor tiles are more fashionable and dirt-resistant.

Nowadays, life is so stressful, and being able to chat happily with your family while preparing meals is also a way to reduce stress.Even if they are silent to each other, the moment they look up, they see the busy figure of their lovers in the open kitchen, and they just look at it like this, and they enjoy it.Born with traces of history and years, simple and generous, integrated with the surroundings, it has become a landscape in the home.

PART 3: Bedroom

The classic collocation of black, white and gray is the basic feature of the postmodern minimalist style. Its decoration purpose is simple but not simple. It is an extension of the design and ideas that have been innovated after careful consideration. It is not a simple “stacking” and a light “placement”.



Aisle corridor

When it comes to the matching of bedrooms, most people think of warmth and warmth.So, in the postmodern design style, how to use black, white and gray to create the perfect bedroom?You may wish to try this design: the gray quilt cover, the white wall, the line design on the white background wall, and the sexy and bold color art painting at the head of the bed. It seems simple to match, but the details are quite ingenious.

In the purely black and white gray-themed collocation, add some bright decorations as the finishing touch, so that the eyes will not be full of black and white gray and appear silent and expressionless. The overall effect is quiet and calm, adding a lot of warmth to the bedroom.

The design of the postmodern black, white and gray decoration style replaces the single feature of the modern style with complexity, and uses superposition, mixing and other techniques to create the diversity and complexity of the space, replacing the unified characteristics of the modern style, which is more diversified in design and more powerful in functionality.

The designer cleverly used the top-to-top wardrobe design to ensure the integrity of the wall space, and the strong storage power needless to say, the open side cabinet can be used as a temporary storage area and can also be used for display; the top-to-top design borrows the storage space and combines it with the wall 100%, eliminating the problem of cleaning the top of the wardrobe, and getting three in one fell swoop, so that people can't even love it.



PART 4: Bathroom

The bathroom also continues the light luxury style, with independent wet and dry partitions, blocked by modern and popular transparent glass, enhancing the visual effect of the space.

With white as the main color, with black and gray, and marble as the main material, such a bathroom can give people a clean and tidy feeling, and the simple design makes the entire space more spacious and bright, giving people a low-key and comfortable feeling.

The biggest feature of the postmodern black, white and gray decoration style is uncertainty. Black, white and gray are used as the tone of the entire space. The transparent space composed of light, shadow and architectural components is cleverly matched in the soft furnishings to make the entire home space powerful but not blunt.


Fashion: Many people have different understandings of fashion. Some people think that fashion is simple. Instead of luxury and waste, it is better to be simple and frugal; sometimes fashion is just to be unconventional; it gives people a new look and has the feeling of being the king of fashion. In reality, many people who are out of sync with fashion are accused of being old-fashioned and outdated.

The so-called fashion is a combination of fashion and fashion.

The so-called time is time, and nowadays, that is, within a period of time; still, there is admiration, nobility, high-grade, and leadership



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